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Why Can't I Stop Eating? 10 Reasons We Overeat and How to Stop adult cannot stop eating

How can I control compulsive eating? Seek help. It can be hard to stop overeating on your own, WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.Author: Jennifer Rainey Marquez.

Aug 31, 2018 · Why Can't I Stop Eating? Medically reviewed by Stacy Sampson, DO on August 31, 2018 — Written by Ashley Marcin. There are a number of reasons you might find yourself reaching for food.Dairy: Low-fat milk or cheeses, plain or low-sugar yogurts.

There are any number of potential reasons for an adult cat not eating. Some cats simply become finicky eaters and will only eat a certain brand or a particular flavor. If your cat has just exited the kitten stage, it could be that he doesn’t like whatever adult recipe you are .