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Aug 22, 2016 · Being depressed with ADHD can be like a roller coaster: The adult ADHD mind is so full of curiosity, passion, and wonder. Life with ADHD has felt like a constant battle, clinging to my Author: Jeff Emmerson.

Aug 29, 2019 · Advice for the Partner of an ADHD Spouse By Keath Low. Updated August 29, 2019. Approved by Wellness Board expert Amy Morin, their mental functioning,” explains Dr. Goodman who typically first provides education and accurate information about adult ADHD and works hard to make an in-road and engage reluctant patients. Advice for the.

Hi I’ve been diagnosed with adult adhd and complex trauma I’ve not been given any medication as of yet,I have read this article and now feel if I speak to my psychiatrist he may try me on adderal as my life has no meaning to me at moment and is not changing.i dnt no why I’ve not been offered adderal and scared to ask but since reading this article I need to be honest and ask if Author: Elizabeth Broadbent.